Wells Fargo Routing Number

Wells Fargo Routing Number : How and Why

Wells Fargo Routing Number helps in smooth completion of transactions for the customers. Wells Fargo Routing Number is necessary as well as helpful for those who want to transact their money to somewhere else. All they have to do is just send in their branch details which can be recognized by the Routing Transit Number or RTN. Verifying the Wells Fargo Routing Number before the transaction is necessary if someone wishes to make use of the Wire Transfer Service. One must know his state name and his account type in order to get his Wells Fargo Routing Number.

The Wells Fargo Routing Number for some states across the United States of America can be found below:

  • California 121042882
  • Georgia 61000227
  • Massachusetts 121042882
  • Kentucky 121042882
  • New York 26012882

How to Trace Wells Fargo Routing Number?

One can trace the Wells Fargo Routing Number even in their demand draft or cheque. It is also printed there. The Routing Transit Number is present in the front side of the cheque. A cheque of Wells Fargo Bank contains the Routing number, Account number as well as the Cheque number. When observed closely, it has been seen that the Wells Fargo Routing Number is present on the bottom left side of the cheque. Right after that, there has been the presence of the Account number and lastly comes the presence of the cheque number. It is to be noted that the Routing number provided is applicable only for the Home Branch of one’s Wells Fargo Bank.

Locating Wells Fargo Routing Number

Apart from banks, Wells Fargo Bank is available for customers online too. With surfing online, one can track the transactions he’s making, set up alerts, have a look on the activities of account and even verify their documents. And the most important thing before these is the enrollment that one must do before getting the service of the bank.

One must visit www.wellsfargo.com and complete their online banking registration. Following are the steps to check Wells Fargo Routing Number:

  • Visit Wells Fargo bank’s website www.wellsfargo.com.
  • Select Online Banking link from the Banking Section.
  • Check the Sign On option available on the top of the page.
  • Enter your User Name and set a password.
  • After Login, select Account Summary and Activity.
  • Search Bank details and check Routing Number.
  • Note down the Routing Transit Number of Wells Fargo Bank.

Locating Wells Fargo Routing Number on Bank’s website

One can have the access to his Wells Fargo Routing Number even without having an Online Banking Account. One just have to follow the following simple steps :

  1. Go to Wells Fargo Bank’s Website at www.wellsfargo.com.
  2. Select Banking Section and click on Routing Number under Popular Links head.
  3. Tick the Answer as Routing Number from given options.
  4. Say YES/NO if you wish to use this Routing Number to receive a Wire Transfer.
  5. Now answer the question: If it’s Wire Transfer, is it inside the United States or Outside?
  6. Your Routing Number will be displayed on a screen, note it down.
  7. When you give NO to Wire Transfer, you need to select your Account Type and State Name to Know the Routing Number.

Locating Wells Fargo through Customer Care

There is also a 24hour Customer Care service available to solve all the issues related to Routing Number and other aspects of Wells Fargo Bank. Resolving the issues of the customer is the first priority of Wells Fargo Bank. The Customer service is available through contact number, mail id and even with a direct appointment with the bank. Any sort of cases related to bank frauds, forgeries, and other problematic issues would be handled carefully by the Customer Care service. One can contact the following numbers for Customer Care :

  • Wells Fargo Bank Customer Care Number (General Banking): 1-800-869-3557
  • Wells Fargo Bank Customer Care Number (Online Banking): 1-800-956-4442
  • Wells Fargo Bank Emergency Number: 1-800-TO-WELLS i.e. 1-800-869-3557

Wells Fargo Bank locations

Well, if one is traveling and is in grave need of money, he doesn’t have to worry much as Wells Fargo Bank’s ATM is available throughout the United States along with the branches of the banks. The ATM is as usual open for 24 hours and one can locate the branches and ATMs on the locator service of www.wellsfargo.com

Although the ATMs are open 24 hours, it is quite obvious that the Bank branches won’t for which if you are intending to visit the bank branches; you must check the timings on the above-mentioned website before intending to visit the bank.

Tracing Wells Fargo Bank on Locator

The following steps can be used to locate the branches of Wells Fargo Bank:

  1. Go to Wells Fargo Bank’s Website at www.wellsfargo.com.
  2. Select the link ATMs/Locations given on top of the page.
  3. Navigate to ATM and Banking Locations.
  4. Choose your desired option to define your exact need under Narrow Your Search.
  5. Enter your Address/Landmark/ZIP Code/City or State.
  6. Click on Search button to proceed.
  7. The List of Wells Fargo Bank Branches near your location will be displayed on screen.
  8. Note down the Address and Timings of your convenient Bank Branch.


Wells Fargo Bank was established in the year 1852 by Henry Wells and William on the 18th day of March. The bank, although having it’s headquarters in San Francisco, California is spread across as many as 35 countries all over the world having subsidiary companies like Wells Fargo Advisors and Wells Fargo Securities.

  1. Currently, the bank holds 8300 Branches and 15000+ ATMs all over the United States of America. Being a huge bank, the bank has achieved many accolades in its account of which the most famous one was being the Most Valuable Bank of the World in February 2014. Apart from that, they have also enlisted as the 7th Most Respected Company and 22nd Most Admired Company across the World in 2015. Also, they were ranked 7th in the Largest Companies of the World by Forbes Magazine Global World in 2000.

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