RBFCU Routing Number

RBFCU Routing Number

RBFCU Routing Number – RBFCB not only dedicates them to good banking services but due to financial guidance is given to their customers, one of the renowned banks in America. An essential part of banking services is RBFCU routing number, which is a great help for smooth transaction processes for clients.

rbfcu account gives a number generally it’s called rbfcu routing number. It is the special number of the branch where you opened an account. In the special case of this credit union, the routing number 314259951 is assigned. For that, you don’t need to find the exact branch.

How to Find the Routing Number:

Although some banks use different routing numbers for all their branches, Randolph Brooks’ Federal Credit Union uses only one number. Although not just a routing number for RBFCU, or not many people, it’s actually what is conscious. This may cause them to be wailing over their place when they are asked for it.

You’ll find them printed on your

checking or deposit slip:

If you have a rbfcu account number routing, locating your routing number is quite easy as it is printed on the bottom left of your checking slip.

Some bank accounts also have nine digits. But similar to the Randolph Brooks routing number, it is very easy ways to find your routing number is still through your account slip. It is the one that is situated on the bottom left with two similar symbols enclosing it.

Your routing number is located in your accounts slip, but this does not mean that you should check your debit or ATM card for RBFCU routing numbers, starting too much. Debit card and check slip sit in a different way.

Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union Routing Number

RBFCU Texas Tx Routing Number314089681
Registered Bank AddressOne Randolph Brooks ParkwayLive Oak, Texas tx 78233-2416
TypeO – Main Office
Bank Telephone Phone1-210-637-4116
Users are allowed to complete
  • Paper Transactions
  • Wire Fund Transfers
  • Electronics Transactions
  • Mobile Payments
  • Direct Deposits
  • Online Transfers

Applicable Agreements:

This Agreement saves your use of the Service. Your access and use of RBFCU’s online services will also be governed by the applicable Electronic Access Agreement (s), which will be updated on time between you and RBFCU. You are bound by the additional RBFCU membership and the terms of the account agreement. In relation to this agreement and dispute between any other contract with RBFCU, this agreement will be promulgated, unless otherwise provided here or in another agreement.

When you use our services or allow any other person to use, you agree to the terms of this agreement. We may modify or alter this agreement (including time limits and service charges), at our sole discretion, giving us reasonable notice in writing.


We have a benefit whom you have the right to refuse to pay for wire transfer instructions designated.  We will notify you immediately if we decide to refuse to run your wire transfer instructions. You represent and pledge to us that you are only beneficiaries that are in line with the laws and regulations of the United States of America, including without limitation, must transfer the wire from the economic

Foreign Asset Control United States Department of Treasury Department (“OFAC”) and any other applicable laws and regulations prohibited by the regulation. We work in the directory established by OFAC. Under the penalties of federal law, we are forced to block transactions where any party is included in one of the OFAC’s lists of nominated. This type of entity must be held from the list or from OFAC on the special permission to be withdrawn from the blocked transaction.

Security Procedures:

To prevent unauthorized access and safe to your account. If you agree to keep your account number, online username and password or personal information protected from any person authorized to access your account, keep your identity confidential, and verify any other items that we may use.You acknowledge and agree that commercially reasonable security procedures that are used by a listed RBFCU.

In some cases, an authentication check or wire transfer request in order to make a list of additional actions need to be listed. None of these additional actions will be considered as part of this agreement and can only be used in some time period.

If any person (s) or the entity of your account numbers, user names, or passwords, you assume all risks and losses associated with these types of. If you give permission any other person (s) or entity to use your account to access your account number, username, password, or other means to access or access your account or access your account, then you are responsible for any transactions and activities you may have made. From your account and from such person (s) or entity For the use of personal and account information.

If you believe that someone else might try to use or use the service without your permission, that any other unauthorized use or security breach occurred, you should contact immediately.

International wire transfer to RBFCU:

When we think of fast banking, International wire transfer of rbfcu gets up in front of us. Because it is fastest and easiest to gain money from the foreign country. Banks use SWIFT network for exchanging messages required for performing an international wire transfer. Usually, the receiving bank (in the USA) and The sending bank (in another country) must have a direct conduct in place to start the swift transfer.

Online banking system:

Routing number information and other details are mostly located on the bank’s website. Enter the website on the RBCFU Online Banking login page and chose one. However, you might need to browse the website a little bit if you want to find it. With all the departments there on a bank website, the information you are looking for will not be seated in just one place. You can find your account number on your profile page, for example, but your routing number may be hidden among other pages of the website.

Contact your bank:

You can also consult with your bank if you are not sure about your routing number or have other issues. You can contact them during office hours using their phone number or email.

However, there are several ways to qualify for membership with RBFCU. The eligibility for membership is general practice, including your employer, place of worship, community organization, neighborhood or school. You can also immediately qualify through the members of the credit union part of the family (spouse, children, parents, brothers and sisters, honest children, adopted relatives, etc.)

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