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Chase Bank Routing Number

What is CHASE Bank?

CHASE Bank (also known as JP Morgan CHASE) is an American bank founded in 2000. It offers many services including Checking and Savings accounts. CHASE Bank Routing Numbers lists routing numbers for CHASE’s checking and savings accounts. It got popularity within a short time. It is an easiest and faster banking system.

What is a routing number?

A Bank ABA “routing numbers” or “check routing number” (ABA) is a 9-digit code used in the United States to ID the institution from which money is drawn. Routing numbers are also known as “routing transit numbers” (RTN). They can be used for various transaction types including wire transfers, checks, and electronic (direct depositing/auto payments). A Routing Number is very important in the banking system.

CHASE Bank Routing Number:

                                   Routing and ABA Numbers List
RegionsRouting/Transit Number
New Jersey021202337
New York – Downstate021000021
New York – Upstate022300173
West Virginia051900366

The bank provides various services and products to all those account holders. They provide services like savings checking’s, Debit card and Capital One credit card facility, banking service for business or entrepreneurs, investments, assets management and much more.

The customers of this bank have achieved maximum space for the services provided by “CHASE Bank“. The online facility of this bank is very beneficial for the customers, so there is no hassle of visiting the bank for account opening and any other difficulties or issues.

The routing number is a unique 9-digit number used mainly in the USA. This Routing Number is present in the bottom at left side corner. Every area has its own unique routing number which should be easily visible for operating your account.

Ensure that your routing number is safe up to you and don’t share with all. Direct deposit, domestic and international wire transfers, electronic payments and automated payment service that is easily filled by routing numbers from checks.

For any guide or question you can dial up on 1-800-242-7338 which a customer service number and they is will assist you with your queries. Well, CHASE Bank to provide best services to their customers, so you will encounter no major problems and that none of your work will be delayed.

Various areas and districts have their various routing numbers on their concerned checkbooks. If you don’t have any information regarding your routing number, you can easily find them through this article that has each and every Routing number depending on the regions or areas you live.

Find out where a routing number is on a check:

In checks, the bank routing number is a multi-digit which comes just before your bank account number. Both numbers are listed on the bottom left corner of the check. Both the routing number and account number are used to withdraw money from your account. Do should not share your account number with others unless you trust the connection they make with your CHASE Bank account. See the image below and check the bottom left where you can find your bank routing number.

You can benefit from various services which can be operated online anywhere from anywhere. CHASE Bank helps their customer by directly providing them Routing Number.

Even there are negative reviews of CHASE Bank but the bank is providing services for last few years, it has gained its position. But the overall result of this bank is best in terms of banking of business.

What is a wire number?

A wire number is also known as a wire transfer routing number is used to transfer funds remotely into your account. Individuals can transmit money to your CHASE Bank account if you provide them with the number of your account number and wire transfer routing number which is provided on this page.

Routing Number for CHASE Wire Transfer:

The CHASE bank routing number might easily be found on the bank’s check. It is the initial number that has been stated in the lower left corner prior to your account number. CHASE is an online and retail banking, credit card, mortgage and home equity loan in more than 60 countries and one of the world’s thriving financial institutions.

To transfer money from existing CHASE accounts, an external account bank account subscriber, which gives them an easy way to use you by paying an existing or new account or cash check or another person.

Deposit or Wire Transfer:

CHASE allows a customer to transfer funds to CHASE accounts through check, cash deposit or wire transfer. The customer can submit a check or cash through a cheering bank branch or automatic teller machine. Or you can use Quick Deposit feature in the CHASE mobile app to take a picture of the check or submit a check. CHASE is also able to transfer the cable to the outside account. Some CHASE accounts charge an incoming wire fee. For example, CHASE Total Checking account charges for the wire transfer from the account at no charge to charge $ 15 for incoming wire Fischer.

CHASE QuickPay:

The CHASE QuickPay program offers the option to send or receive money from another person to the CHASE customer and another option for money transfer in a CHASE account. When the customer receives an alert for an incoming payment, he or CHASE CHASE account login mobile apse “accept payment” button click, and the money deposited in his account with CHASE. To register, subscriber logs and QuickPay’s trace-up in his CHASE account were not found under the “Payments and Transfers” tab.


However, in America CHASE Routing Number is a brand as his own opportunity and its system. Last few years their popularity is increasing day by day. For example, 5100 bank branches and 16,100 ATMs nationwide, and there is a lot more customer service. Current JP Morgan CHASE Bank holds current $ 2.6 trillion of assets. JP Morgan CHASE Bank is one of the largest and highest-ranking banks in the USA with the comparison of the other four highest-ranking banks. JP Morgan CHASE Bank operates 250,355 employees in more than 100 countries. Well, the bank was originally established in 1799, but there were changes made by merging with other different banking companies.

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